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Creativity e-Learning Course – it’s free!

October 28, 2011

Did you miss the oportunity to participate in the workshops on creativity and entrepreneurship? Or do you “simply” want to learn methods and techniques to develop  these skills? If you answered yes to any these questions, then we are sure the next information is for you!

The CESSIT project will be implementing  very soon, in November, a 12-hour e-Learning course focused just on creativity. And it is completely FREE!

The programme will include a brief presentation on some theoritical concepts, followed by some tools that can be used to increase creativity at work (like “out of the box”, “635 method”, etc) and then what can be used  to develop creative skills (like “inductive and deductive thinking”, “transformation”, etc).

Stay tuned! More information will be available shortly! And don’t forget to check the project website for this and other related information at

Promoting creativity and entrepreneurship…

October 28, 2011

On its quest to promote the importance of creativity and entrepreneurship, the CESSIT project has been recently presented at three different conferences. This is also a great way to present the project results and most importantly some of the techniques and methods that can be used to foster creativity and entrepreneurship.

This participations allowed the project to promote the importance of such skills with persons from different backgrounds, all directly or indirectly working in education and creativity and entrepreneurship.  We therefore invite you to take a look at the website of each of these conferences for more information:

International Conference on New Horizons in Education 2011, Guarda (Portugal);

12th European Conference on Creativity and Innovation, Faro (Portugal);

International Conference on European Transnational Education 2011, Salamanca (Spain).


Creativity and Entrepreneurship at work in Latvia!

October 28, 2011

After several months of preparation, the CESSIT European Seminar finally took place in Riga from 14th to 16th of September. Attended by a total of 35 persons from 7 different European countries, the participants had the chance to explore different techniques and methods for promoting creativity and entreneurship skills among adult early school leavers.

During the 3-day seminar, the participants also had a chance to understand the concepts of creativity and entrepreneurship and to discuss and exchange ideas on how to improve the education of such skills in the future.

Mixing theory and pratical examples, the seminar reached its objectives by motivating the sharing of experiences between adult trainers and training managers on the importance of fostering creativity and entrepreneurship.



CESSIT Partners meeting in Cully, Switzerland

July 11, 2011

The CESSIT Partners met the 7th and 8th of July in Cully, Switzerland to fine tune the details for the CESSIT European Seminar in Riga!
Applications for funding are almost finishing, so go to the project website to participate – click here!

Creativity games and techniques

June 12, 2011

Fostering creativity is essential. But how to do this? It’s just not possible or realistic to say “go on, do something creative!” and cross your fingers hoping for a magical solution. Creativity can and should be trained. Simple exercises will help you and your students to be more creative.
To assist you in this difficult task, the CESSIT project has put together a set of best practices exactly with this in mind! Developing critical thinking, becoming a less rigid thinker, managing critique or how to communicate effectively are some of the important things to learn and that you can find in our Good Practice Handbook here!

Have fun with these! Let us know your suggestions and comments.

Registration for the European Seminar in Riga!

April 5, 2011

Don’t forget to register for the CESSIT European Seminar to be held in Riga in September 2011! In this event the project’s results will be presented and several activities are also programmed!

These are the Seminar objectives:
• To offer a training seminar under Grundtvig grants at European level addressed to adult trainers and managers on creativity and entrepreneurship skills.
• To promote the importance of lifelong learning for adult trainers.
• To improve pedagogical approaches of adult educators and the attractiveness and effectiveness of adult training.
• To diminish adult educators resistance to the daily use of new pedagogical methods and tools.
• To exchange experiences with colleagues from other countries

All participants will receive an attendance certificate from the coordination team for their participation in the final seminar. More informatiom can be found at the project website here.

Some recommendations based on the workshop conclusions…

March 15, 2011

Directly from Czech Repulic here are some of the conclusions/recommendations from the workshops that were held between November 2010 and January 2011.
To remember, three different workshops were implemented in each partner country: one regarding creativity, one regarding entrepreneurship and another one regarding the ‘actions for the future’ or, in other words, what can be done in the future to foster creativity and entrepreneurship skills in early school leavers.

In the specific case of Czech Repulic, some of the recommendations refer to the need of more close ties with real life:
“With ESL, the learning process should be interactive, creative, and most of all, businesslike, i.e. closely linked with real life; it should happen not only in the classroom but also extramurally, at actual places of work (possibility to compare various working environments, conditions and company cultures).”

The recommendations go on and also state the following:
“Boost the role of ELS teachers / instructors with greater powers, improved conditions of work and pay. To establish a system of continuous education for teachers / instructors, with emphasis on personal development, new knowledge, and teaching methods; to keep up to date with professional developments in the field (theory presented at school often lags behind what is happening in practice already). To prepare teachers / instructors for the requirements specific to working with ESL, with focus on psychology and pedagogy. To support teachers / instructors in handling stress, employing relaxation techniques and prevent them from suffering a burnout.”

For more information’s please contact directly Eva Homolova from RPIC-ViP at

4th Transnational Meeting in Ostrava

March 1, 2011

The 4th project meeting was held in Ostrava, Czech Republic, to discuss several relevant topics and to make sure that all the work is done in a smooth way!

One of the first topics in the agenda was the discussion of the workshops evaluation results and with this in mind the partnership discussed which improvements are to be done in the Guidelines for European Trainers and Managers.

In addition, a more detailed discussion was done regarding the European Seminar to be held this September in Riga, Latvia. As such, don’t forget to check the project website for information on the European Seminar!